Vitiligo Treatment In Pakistan At Cosmetique Clinic

Vitiligo, also commonly Phulbehri, is successfully dealt with by the professional skin specialists of the very famous Cosmetique clinic. That too at a much-advanced level similar to most well-developed countries in the world, including the US, England and many other European countries.

At Cosmetique clinic, the top skin specialists and dermatologists in Lahore, Pakistan, first evaluate the patient’s skin condition thoroughly to ensure he is suffering from Vitiligo. They do it by utilizing specialized lights and equipment that diligently enhance the color contrast between the normal skin and the patchy white skin of Vitiligo.

Also, in some cases, Vitiligo greatly mimics several other skin conditions. Therefore, one must differentiate between them as the causation, and appropriate treatment entirely depend on the proper diagnosis.

Once correctly diagnosed utilizing different tools, or if there is any doubt, Cosmetique doctors may ask to consider a skin biopsy for further confirmation. But don’t worry, that is rarely required to confirm the diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is fully confirmed, proceed with the international guidelines and present the best Vitiligo treatment in Pakistan.

What Is Vitiligo ?

Vitiligo is nevertheless a prevalent skin condition in which an individual’s skin loses its natural color. However, the speed and degree of color loss due to Vitiligo are unpredictable. That means it can have significant effects on the skin of anybody. In addition, besides skin, Vitiligo can also affect the inside of the mouth and hairs.
Generally, an individual’s skin color is primarily determined by the amount of melanin produced naturally by melanocytes in one’s body. Vitiligo mainly occurs when those melanocytes either stop functioning or die. Although, such a skin condition is not contagious or fatal. But it can somehow be very exhausting as one starts feeling very bad and loses his confidence when there are white patches of skin and hair.

Nowadays, fortunately, vitiligo treatment can return the color loss of the affected skin to some extent. However, it does not prevent continuous skin color loss or recurrence. Cosmetique clinic is one of the best dermatological centers in Pakistan where one can have reliable treatment options for Vitiligo by Prof. Dr Azim Jahangir Khan.

Options Of Vitiligo Treatment In Pakistan At Cosmetique Clinic

Following are the different options of vitiligo treatment in Pakistan readily available at Cosmetique clinic:
Medical Treatment Of Vitiligo

Medical Treatment

At Cosmetique, our skin specialists begin to treat Vitiligo with topical medications, which usually do not cause any harm to any patient as they do not get directly absorbed into the patient's body to a greater.......

Lighttherapy For Vitiligo

Phototherapy / Light Therapy (PUVA and Narrow Band Ultra Violet B) Treatment

In Phototherapy, a specialized kind of light having a particular specific frequency and wavelength is primarily used to treat the Vitiligo-affected region of a patient. At Cosmetique clinic, our doctors utilize......

How Is Vititligo Characterized ?

As already mentioned, Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition that affects the overall appearance of an individual. It is mainly characterized by

How Does Vitiligo Occurs ?

Vitiligo can occur due to several reasons, such as

Surgical Vitiligo Treatment In Pakistan

Always remember that surgical treatment for Vitiligo in Pakistan should only be considered when the course of this particular skin disorder has not changed or become better over six months to an entire year. Or in case all the other medical treatments, ointments, or Phototherapy have not shown the patient’s desired or routinely anticipated results. Most satisfactory results are seen with them in only those patients who had small areas of Vitiligo, and no new areas of Vitiligo spread and development in the previous two to three years. In general, a patient’s small and stable Vitiligo affected areas are most successfully treated with a unique technique called melanocyte transplantation. Now let’s see the most popular options for surgical treatment of Vitiligo in Pakistan at Cosmetique clinic:

Skin Grafting

It is the oldest treatment method for white skin patches of Vitiligo-like skin disorders. In this technique, the shite skin region of a diseased person is removed surgically, and then a small piece of normal......


Punch Grafting

A little bit more advanced than traditional skin grafting, but still an old Vitiligo treatment in Pakistan. In this technique, a professional skin specialist cuts small circles of normal skin with natural color and then ......


Melanocyte Transplantation

A little bit more advanced than traditional skin grafting, but still an old Vitiligo treatment in Pakistan. In this technique, a professional skin specialist cuts small circles of normal skin with natural color and then ......

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